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This page is obsolete and provided for historical reference only. You can find up-to-date information about embedded systems and microcontrollers on www.embedeo.org.

This page lists some ideas how to set up a development environment at very low cost. It is mostly intended to summarize the advantages of certain free, or low cost programs that offer high enough quality to compete some high cost, comercial alternatives.


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The text editor: VIM

Vim (www.vim.org) is very nice and powerful text editor with color highlighting. It is definetely not vi but much more, even its look-and-feel is somehow irregular. Vim has versions for Linux, Windows and other operating systems. It is free and versatile. (Actually it is charityware - you can see more details on its web page). If you are a developer, you probably need something like that. You can use Vim for editing various files/documents, ranging from C/C++, HTML, CSS, to Assemblers. You can define your custom rules for syntax highlithing in Vim, or new commands, like make, build etc. by its embedded scripting language. If you are used to work under Windows but you need to program under Linux, you can modify Vim's config files in a way, that supports all the typical Windows-user shortcuts. Respectively, under Windows, you will get a convenient contextual menu, that allows opening of files, or displaying differencies between them.

Most of the pictures are made in GIMP environment.

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